Basecamp Gowanbank - TBGB1

15 - 17 Feb, Gowanbank , S5 - S6, £65.00
Accompanied travel: Edinburgh (£15), Glasgow (£10)

Basecamp is for you if are 16-18, in S5 or S6 at school, or have recently left school.

All Basecamp events include worship, teaching, training sessions, activities and time to relax. Over and over again people talk of the huge benefit of Basecamp as a place to go deeper in your faith, get into the Bible, learn new skills and develop lasting friendships.

A weekend training event helping to prepare you for the role of Trainee Leader at SU Scotland events this year. There will be excellent Bible engagement sessions, group discussion and key workshops designed to help you develop the skills you need to work with children and young people and introduce them to the Christian faith. You can expect to think about:

  •          how you can help with small group teaching
  •          how to care for your small group of young people
  •          how best to answer young people’s questions
  •          the purpose of games and how to lead them
  •          how to encourage positive behaviour

Each Basecamp trainee has an Advisor who helps them to put together their own training plan.


The Commission Programme

This event is part of the commission programme. In addition to training, we also provide the opportunity to put your training into action by serving as a group leader on a holiday or mission team.

We also provide a weekend of review and celebration towards the end of August. At this weekend you will have time, along with others, to share and reflect on the part you and hundreds of others have played in sharing Jesus with Scotland’s young people.


We ask you to raise £300 as a donation to the costs of the COmMISSION programme. This includes your attendance at a training event, holiday or mission and the review weekend.

We can send you a fundraising pack to help you raise your donation. We ask that you pay a deposit to book your place on the COmMISSION progamme and make all further contributions in full by 25th August 2019

For more information about commission, visit



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