18 - 25 Jul, Glenshee , P7 - S3, £319.00
Accompanied travel: Glasgow, Inverness, Perth


I’ve been part of running SU Holidays at Glenshee for over 15 years so I’ve seen plenty of people enjoy a brilliant week packed with all sorts of great activities.

If you like being active Glenshee is perfect for you: get wet with rafting and kayaking; climb high with crate climbing, the indoor climbing wall and the aerial ropes course; and go fast on the zip line. And that isn’t it all, there’s so much more to do including some things that are at a more relaxed pace. Don’t worry if any of these activities are new to you, there are instructors who will teach you the skills and help you stay safe.

We will also spend time exploring the Bible to find out what is inside it and how it can relate to our lives. For some people this part of the holiday becomes the most important part of the week as we chat and learn together.

Come with friends or come on your own and make new friends – it will be great to see you at Glenshee.

Colin Carmichael, Team Leader

Your team leader for this holiday is Colin Carmichael.

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What can you do here?

  • Aerial Ropes Course
  • Archery
  • Climbing Wall
  • Crafts
  • Crate Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Off-Site Trip
  • Orienteering
  • Raft Building
  • Ropes Course
  • Sports and Games
  • Swimming
  • Tree Climbing
  • Zip Line
What's the location like?

If you love the outdoors you’ll love this…are you up for it?

The adventure never stops at Glenshee. Many of the exciting outdoor activities are led by Compass Christian Centre instructors, while the SU Holidays team run other aspects of the holiday, leading games, craft sessions, providing loads of fun and high levels of supervision throughout the holiday.

The evening programme provides time to relax but is just as adventurous, looking at the Bible to see how it applies to our lives today.

What's Outside?

Well for starters there’s the stunning location in one of Scotland’s outdoor activity hotspots. The centre grounds include a spectacular tree climb, ropes course and even its own lochan for kayaking and raft building. Other outdoor activities really make the most of the exciting local terrain!

What’s inside?

Inside at Glenshee Lodge you’ll find a well equipped centre with a spacious dining room and two lounges. Meals at Glenshee are provided by the centre staff…and you don’t even need to help with the washing up! The accommodation is all in bunk-bedded rooms. Rooms are for 4 – 8 people and the centre sleeps around 50 altogether. There’s a sports hall, a climbing room with walls to challenge your skills, and a games room. So no shortage of great activities inside either.

Where is it?

Glenshee is right in the centre of Scotland, in amongst some of Perthshire’s highest peaks. Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh are no more than two hours away, so wherever you are starting from, Glenshee is not too far away.