Voice Primary Day Camp - DLM7a

Day Camp, 2 Days
09 - 10 Aug, Lendrick Muir , P5 - P7, £75.00
No accompanied travel

Designed as a 2 day event where you attend both days but go home each night, join us at each morning at 9:30am for our Voice Project Day Camp which will include all manner of singing, voice and performance based activities. We'll have an amazing coaching team on hand to help you create small group a cappella, opera, musical theatre, poetry, spoken word and rap, songwriting, musical film making, recording and music production and hopefully some beat-boxing too, before performing for all the parents in the evening of the second day. As well as all that, we'll be exploring the Bible in creative ways and helping you to get artistically innovative in response to what you're learning, hearing and experiencing of God. Join us for an event you'll never forget!

Lunch is provided both days, and dinner for campers on the second day before the show.

Worried about needing to cancel due to Covid-19 restrictions? Check out our Refund Guarantee. For full details on whether Bookings and Events will proceed given changing Scottish Government Local Restriction Levels, see here.

Please note, this event is dependent on Covid restrictions at the time allowing group singing.

Your team leader for this holiday is Jenny Cheung.

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What's the location like?

Lendrick Muir is big, comfy, and easy to get to from all over the country. You can enjoy fast, furious outdoor stuff or chill with friends. Not to mention the acres and acres of outdoor space!

What's outside?

With 120 acres of grounds around the house, there is no shortage of space to enjoy the fantastic outdoor activities.

Where is it?

Lendrick Muir is near Kinross, with a beautiful setting in the Ochil hills. It’s right in the heart of Scotland, so it’s easy to get there. Glasgow and Edinburgh are both under an hour’s drive. The Borders, Dumfries and Aberdeen are all within 2 hours.