Voice Project Weekend - VPW1

24 - 26 Sep, Lendrick Muir , P5 - S6, £90.00
Accompanied travel: Glasgow, Edinburgh

The Voice Project Weekend is for anyone who loves to sing! This event is a rehearsal weekend working towards a performance on the Sunday, to which we hope your friends and family will come. We’ll be performing a wide range of music and giving you top quality choral training. The event runs in partnership with The Voice Project. Because we’re going to be focussed on putting an incredible performance together, there won’t be that many other Lendrick Muir activities available but we will have some slots for you to run off some steam and get creative. You are welcome to join us no matter your age or singing experience.

Activities include:-

  • One-shot music video
  • A cappella group challenges
  • Late night singing in the Kota
  • Singing, singing and more singing!!!

Your team leader for this holiday is Jenny Cheung.

For more information about this holiday, please contact:

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What's the location like?

Lendrick Muir is big, comfy, and easy to get to from all over the country. You can enjoy fast, furious outdoor stuff or chill with friends. Not to mention the acres and acres of outdoor space!

What's outside?

With 120 acres of grounds around the house, there is no shortage of space to enjoy the fantastic outdoor activities.

Where is it?

Lendrick Muir is near Kinross, with a beautiful setting in the Ochil hills. It’s right in the heart of Scotland, so it’s easy to get there. Glasgow and Edinburgh are both under an hour’s drive. The Borders, Dumfries and Aberdeen are all within 2 hours.