Basecamp Gowanbank - TBGB1

Basecamp, Training
18 - 20 Feb, Gowanbank , S5 - S6, £90.00
Accompanied travel: Glasgow

Basecamp is for you if you are over 16 in S5 or S6 at school or under 18 and have recently left school

Basecamp includes worship, Bible teaching, training sessions, activities, and time to relax. Previous attendees talk about the huge benefit of Basecamp as a place to go deeper in faith, get into the Bible, learn new skills for mission and develop lasting friendships.

There will be excellent Bible engagement sessions, group discussion and key workshops designed to help you develop the skills you need to work with children and young people and introduce them to the Christian faith. You can expect to think about: 

  • how you can help with small group teaching 
  • how to care for your small group of young people 
  • how best to answer young people’s questions 
  • the purpose of games and how to lead them 
  • how to encourage positive behaviour 


Each Basecamp trainee has an Advisor who helps them to put together their own training plan. 

The COmMISSION Programme

Basecamp is part of the COmMISSION programme. In addition to training, we also provide the opportunity to put your training into action by serving as a team member on a holiday or mission team.

Finish the summer with a weekend of review and celebration where there will be time, along with others, to share and reflect on the part you and hundreds of others have played in sharing Jesus with Scotland’s young people.


Lendrick Muir is the venue for this year’s review weekend from 19-21 August 2022. (Cost and registration are included in your Basecamp booking.)



The fee for Basecamp covers

  • Your place at Basecamp and the Review Weekend
  • Accommodation, food, and resources
  • Travel from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Basecamp


We are able to offer COmMISSION at a substantially discounted fee as a result of generous donations and encourage all participants to consider how they can meet this. We have even prepared some ideas for you!

We do not want anyone to miss out because of costs, though. Please contact commission@suscotland, if you would like to discuss this.

For more information about COmMISSION, visit

Your team leader for this holiday is David Clipston.

For more information about this holiday, please contact:

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What's the location like?

Located on 6 beautiful acres on the edge of Darvel, this place is like no other! 

What's inside?

Gowanbank is a beautiful old house that has recently been refurbished and is ready and waiting for a visit. It has so many great areas to hang out with friends and relax, a big meeting room, a cosy fire place and a large dining hall.

Where is it?

It is located just off of the A71 (also known as the Darvel Road). It is located in Darvel itself, but is also a short drive away from Kilmarnock, the nearest biggest town.