Information for Parents

A Kit List detailing what your child needs to bring on the holiday will be sent before the holiday. We recommend that you label as many items as possible with your child’s name, especially the more expensive items, e.g. jackets, fleeces, sleeping bags, cameras. It is helpful to give your child a list of all items, so they can check them off when they pack to come home.

Smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted. Any dangerous objects such as knives are not allowed. We suggest you discourage your child from bringing expensive items, e.g. tablets and mobile phones.

It is not necessary to bring large amounts of pocket money. At most holidays pocket money will be deposited in the camp bank for safe keeping. We cannot be responsible for money that is retained by your child.

How much to bring will depend upon your child’s age and whether they are likely to buy books, presents etc. Some centres have clothing items for sale, your child may need to bring additional money if they wish to purchase an item. For holidays of 5 days or more between £20 and £30 should be sufficient. For shorter holidays, between £10 and £15 will be more than sufficient. If possible, money should be brought in small denominations (e.g. £1’s and £5’s).

If there are any Optional Extras for the holiday, information will be sent to you 6 weeks before the holiday starts. Please follow the instructions given for booking and payment of these activities. You will be given a response date - if you do not respond prior to this date, we cannot guarantee a space will be available for your child to take part in that activity.

A Health Form will be sent to you one week before the holiday starts. Please complete this form on the day your child leaves for the event. However, if there are any significant health issues or dietary requirements to which you have not already alerted us, please do so immediately.

We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover cancellation, belongings, and personal accident. Please note that to be covered for cancellation you should take out insurance as soon as possible after your booking is confirmed.

We will contact you during the event if there is any cause for concern in connection with your child. In the event of any serious illness or emergency, we will contact you using the number as instructed by you on the Health Form.

At all our events, the safety and well being of young people is taken seriously. Should you have any concerns about the experience your child has had please do alert us at an early stage.

Often there is only one phone available at the venue. You will appreciate the need for it to be kept free for incoming and outgoing emergency calls. Therefore, please do not ask or expect your child to phone home every day.

At a number of sites there is poor or non-existent mobile phone coverage so do not expect phones to work everywhere. Mobile phones will be held in a secure place where your child can have access to it at appropriate times, since there is a high risk of phones being lost, damaged or mis-used. If your child wishes to take pictures of activities etc, a separate camera should be brought for this purpose.

The telephone number(s) that should be used in emergencies are listed on the Travel Instructions. If you are unable to make contact with the venue using this number after several attempts, please contact us on 0141 352 7621 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) or 07770 483 623 at all other times, (24 hour emergency mobile phone held by a senior member of staff).

If anything is left behind, please contact us on 0141 352 7620. We will need a description of the item(s), your child’s name and holiday reference. We will contact you if the items are recovered and make arrangements with you for their delivery or collection.

Please let us know if you change address so that we can keep our records up to date.

A number of our holidays have reunions. Full details, where appropriate, will be sent by the Team Leader. We draw to your attention that only reunion events organised by the Team Leader have the authorisation and backing of SU Scotland.