Discover how to become a Motiv8 Referrer

Do you work with young people who need a different kind of SU Holiday experience?

Did you know we run holidays that are specifically for young people who come from areas of deprivation or may have a more disadvantaged background.

We know that young people from these areas benefit from being able to come with a leader they know and have built trust with. We call these holidays Motiv8 holidays. Not heard of them before? All these holidays are referral holidays: all young people receiving a place on these events have been referred by someone who knows and works with them.

What about cost?

In 2022 our week-long Motiv8 events run at a cost of just £75 to the young person going - that's less than £15 per day for a typical 6 day event, and includes all the same kind of activities as a regular holiday. There's no charge for volunteers, but there is a voluntary donation scheme for those volunteers who want to cover the cost of accomodation and food.

Do I need to be there?

The aim of Motiv8 holidays is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young people to explore the Christian faith. In order to do this we ask that referrers send an adult who is known to the young people to be part of the team who lead the holiday - this doesn't have to be the referrer, it might be a volunteer or even a parent; all team at all SU Holidays events have to register as a volunteer with SU Scotland and be vetted by our Volunteers team.

Sounds great! How do I become a referrer?

Please complete the form below and Alan Myles, Holidays Manager, will get in touch with you directly to have a chat about next steps.

Motiv8 Referrer Form