Terms & Conditions

Please Read

1.  Payment

A deposit is required when booking your provisional place. 

  • Weekends and Day Camps: £20 deposit
    • balance due three weeks before
  • Snowsports Holiday and Sailing Holiday: £100 deposit
    • balance due six weeks before
  • All other Holidays: £50 deposit
    • balance due six weeks before

Details of the amount payable and the due date will be sent with your Confirmation of Booking. Payment may be made by credit or debit card, cheque or cash. The online payment system allows you to make a payment whenever you want and for whatever amount you wish.


2.  Cancellations

Should you wish to cancel a holiday, please contact us by email, phone or letter. Once the cancellation has been made, you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you gave us when making the booking.

  • If you cancel after the full payment is due you are liable for the full cost of the holiday
  • The deposit is non-refundable

For information about cancellation insurance see below. If it becomes necessary for us to cancel an event, an alternative holiday will be offered, or the full amount paid will be refunded.


3.  Making a Change

Should you require to change information given us as part of the booking process, please contact us by email, phone or letter.


4.  Please Inform Us 

In order to ensure that we have team members and facilities to meet your child’s needs, you should inform us of any emotional, health or additional support needs which may affect your child while on holiday. Please complete the information requested when making your booking. It is particularly helpful to know details of any allergies or special dietary requirements. We may contact you for more information. A more detailed Health Questionnaire will be sent shortly before the holiday - please follow the instructions provided for completing this. Young people with Additional Support Needs are welcome at SU Holidays. Please phone for advice and we will try to find a suitable holiday. If your child’s first language is not English, please contact us for advice.


5.  Behaviour

We reserve the right to send home any child whose behaviour is compromising their own or others' safety, or adversely affecting the enjoyment and well-being of others. In these circumstances, we expect you to collect your child. However, if you are unable to you will be liable for any expenses incurred in returning your child home. In these circumstances, no refund will be available.


6. Parental Consent

It is understood that by making a booking you are giving permission for your child to take part in the activities listed, as well as the general activities such as swimming, indoor and outdoor games, crafts and the Christian teaching which make up the programme at each holiday.


7.  Safety & Supervision

The safety and welfare of the young people come first, and we maintain a high ratio of adults to young people; some are SU Scotland employees, but most are volunteers who give their own time (and contribute to their own costs) in order to run SU Scotland events. Our volunteers are accredited via a careful vetting and selection process, which includes obtaining a PVG Scheme Record for all volunteers. Everyone is placed in a small group under the immediate care of an adult leader.

We are licensed by AALA to provide watersports, climbing and trekking. Activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking and other outdoor pursuits are always supervised by qualified instructors. We have many years of experience running residential events for young people in Scotland and work continuously to improve our events and ensure that we meet or exceed current legislation. SU Scotland events have an excellent safety record, which we strive to maintain.


8.  Understanding Activity Risks

Many of our holidays include activities that your child may not have participated in before. There will often be some real risks involved in these. We do all we can to reduce the risks whilst preserving the purpose and benefits of the activity. If you would like more information on the risks relating to a specific activity, please contact us.


9.  Programme

While every endeavour will be made to implement the programme as published, we reserve the right to make alterations should circumstances make this necessary, for example, weather conditions.

Not all activities listed at each site will necessarily be available at all events. Most holidays allow your child to choose which activities to participate in, so they may not have time to take part in all the offered activities.


10.  Accompanied Travel to Holidays

Accompanied travel is arranged to most holidays. This is mainly by private coach or public transport. However, on some occasions we will use minibuses or private cars. We always ensure an appropriate ratio of travel leaders to children to ensure your child’s welfare right from the start of the holiday. Most of our holidays offer accompanied travel from more than one location.

We need to know your choice of travel option for the outward and return journey when you complete the booking, as it is important for us to plan well ahead to ensure your child’s welfare. Four weeks before the start of the weekend, or 8 weeks before the start of all other holidays, we will send you Travel Instructions and remind you of your chosen arrangement. We will accept changes up to the Tuesday before the start of a weekend, or up to 4 weeks before the start of longer holidays. After this time it will NOT be possible to join the accompanied travel. Any alteration to the travel arrangements to or from the holiday must be intimated to us. Please contact us by email, phone or letter. We will confirm this change to you by email.


11. Own Travel to Holidays

Parents may choose to make their own travel arrangements. Details of arrival and departure times will be sent 4 weeks prior to the start of weekends and 8 weeks prior to the start of all other holidays.

Please note that the Own Travel option usually involves collecting your child mid-afternoon on the final day for weekends and around 10am on the final day for our longer holidays.


12.  Included in your Holiday

Accommodation, all meals, activities, deposit (non-refundable) and travel costs to and from specified locations are all included in the cost of the holiday unless otherwise stated.

Not included are: activities and trips shown as Optional Extras, personal spending money, cancellation and personal accident insurance.


13.  Optional Extras

Some longer holidays offer Optional Extras at an additional cost, usually in the range of £10 to £30, which is payable in cash at the holiday. A full holiday programme is provided even if you don't choose any of these extras. Details of how to select Optional Extras will be sent 6 weeks before the holiday. There will be a response date on the form - if you do not respond prior to this date, we cannot guarantee a space will be available for your child to take part in that activity.


14.  Insurance

SU Holidays are covered by Public Liability Insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover belongings, personal accident or in case you need to cancel. Please note that to be covered for cancellation, you should take out insurance as soon as possible after your booking is confirmed.


15.  Photographs & Filming

Sometimes photographs and films taken on SU Holidays are used in SU Scotland publicity materials, including our website. Anyone aged 16 and over have the right to decide for themselves if they want their photos to be taken and used. We will make this clear to all holiday participants and will respect their wishes. If your child is under 16, we will ask your permission at the time of booking. Photographs may be shared with partner organisations directly involved in the event (such as the host outdoor centre) but will not be available to other parties unless specified.


16.  Complaints

If there is any problem during a holiday, we would like to know as soon as possible so that we can do our utmost to put it right. Please ask your child to mention it to the Team Leader or Group Leader in the first instance. If the problem is not dealt with to your satisfaction, please contact us either in writing or by phone as soon as possible. SU Scotland has a written complaints procedure that is available at www.suscotland.org.uk. We are always keen to find ways to make our holidays even better. 

Please note:

  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking.
  • Our normal method of communication will be by email. Please supply your email address when making your booking.