Day Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of FAQs for our Day Camps.

There are various reasons why you may not be able to attend, including local restrictions, being asked to self isolate by Test and Protect Scotland, or because you have ANY of the following symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If this is the case, we will offer you one of the following:

  • Transfer your booking to an alternative event
  • Allow SU Holidays to retain your money for you to use against a future booking
  • Donate what you have paid to the work of SU Holidays
  • Refund you in full using your original payment method

£40 is the minimum payment at time of booking. If your event costs more than this, the balance is due 3 weeks before the event.

In order to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission, some Day Camps are restricted to those living in a particular area of the country. Please do not book to an activity day not designated for your area. Applicable areas will always be made clear on the event page, and Day Camps are tagged with North, East or West when there are geographical restrictions in place. You can see a list of which local authorities come under each area here.

Arrival and departure times differ for each activity day. We decide times based on what meals are included, how far you're likely to travel to the venue, and the hours of daylight. See each specific event pages for full details of timing.

We will email you to confirm your booking within 2 working days. 5 days before your event, we will email you arrival and collection details, including a link to our health questionairre.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer accompanied travel to our Day Camps. You will need to arrange to bring young people to and from the venue.

Activities vary depending on the venue. See each specific event page for details of what is offered that day.

Every young person who comes on an event with us will be placed in a small group - usually around 5-8 young people. Every group has an adult leader who is committed to caring for the needs of the group. This tried and tested approach makes it easy for everyone to quickly develop a sense of belonging at the beginning of the event. It helps us ensure that every individual is properly looked after. We aim to care for the whole person. The physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every young person who comes on an event with us are important.

The Christian values of SU Scotland are expressed in the levels of care that we offer. SU Holidays and Day Camps are safe and enjoyable - they also offer challenge and excitement in a secure environment with the appropriate levels of supervision for each activity. Group leaders participate in activities alongside other qualified instructors. They build a rapport with the young people in their group through activities, meal times together and group discussion about the Christian faith.

Some events include food, and some don't - see each specific event page for full details. If food is included, we can cater for allergies and other dietary requirements - please make this known when making your booking.

Absolutely - just list their name against who you want to "share with" when making your booking.

A kit list put together by the team leaders will be sent to you before the event to let you know what you need to bring. It's definitely worth labelling expensive items like jackets, fleeces and cameras!

There's not much opportunity to spend money on a Day Camp so we recommend not bringing any money, and we also recommend not bringing mobile phones as the days are so busy.


  1. Check out the full programme here.
  2. Click into the specific event page to see what areas of the country are allowed to go to that event.
  3. Click on Book A Place.
  4. Enter your details and make payment through our checkout system
  5. We'll confirm your booking by email within 2 working days


In the event of any serious illness or emergency, we will contact the parents or guardian of the child using the contact number given to us on the Health Form. In all but extremely minor cases, professional medical help is sought. If you would like further advice, please contact us.

Yes, we run a bursary scheme which can help contribute towards the cost of your booking. See our bursary page for full details and to make an application.

Our main office is still closed, so unfortunately there's nobody answering the phone just now, but we are still working! The best thing to do is use our contact form (we'll aim to back to you within 2 working days).