Aviemore & Loch Shiel

This year our adventure will take us to Loch Shiel. Stretching from the sea on the West Coast to Glenfinnan Monument the views are spectacular all the way along – whether its blazing sunshine or atmospheric clouds. Each day will involve some paddling down the loch, possibly rafting together and hoisting a sail if the wind is right. We’ll camp each night on a beach on the lochside, with superb opportunities for wild swimming from the beach or out to small islands. After cooking our dinner on the fire, we finish the day with ‘Campfire Journeys’ by the campfire: exploring a journey in the Bible and what we can find out about God.

If the weather is really too bad for camping we have basic, indoor accommodation available. If the weather conditions make our planned trip impossible we will use an alternative canoeing venue or alternative activities (selection of trail biking, hill walking, gorge walking, crate climbing, archery and abseiling).

Whatever happens, we will have some great adventures together.

"The views were amazing and so were the people"

Whats the Location like?

Loch Sheil is a stunning location - running west to east between Acharacle by the sea at and the famous Glenfinnan. Its surrounded by steep mountains which create a remote and beautiful location. We might not see anyone else for a couple of days. The loch has beautiful beaches where we'll camp, some with sand, some with rocks. There are little islands dotted around the loch - one with a castle to explore.

What do you do here?

Everyone is fully involved in camp life. We start the week by sorting and packing our kit into canoe bags, and then into the bus for travel. Once we get to the start point, the canoes need taken down to the water and carefully loaded up with the equipment. A couple of hours paddling takes us to the campsite - everything gets unloaded and we divide into teams - collecting wood, setting up tipis, lighting the fire, getting dinner ready, setting up the toilet tent! After we've cooked dinner over the fire (we eat good food, and lots of it), washing up done, we settle down around the fire for 'Campfire journeys'.

We will follow the story of a journey in the Bible and see what it tells us about ourselves, about our world, about God and our relationship with him. Its an adventure though, so sometimes plans change - the weather changes, or things take longer than we expected. Whatever happens, there is lots to explore and learn, and you'll have many stories to tell when you get home.

Whats Inside?

The accommodation is in tents (or under the stars if you are up for it) wild camping each night. There will be no access to toilets or showers. We will use good outdoor practice for toileting and washing – don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, we can give you plenty of top tips and handy hints, you’ll quickly feel like a pro!

We will put up 2 tipis for sleeping - one for boys and one for girls, but you might prefer to sleep outside in a bivvy bag, under a tarp if rain is forecast ... its the best view you'll ever wake up to!